Over the past year, we have worked wholeheartedly to achieve two main objectives: Consolidate the Association status and promote its programs and activities.

In that regard, we have signed partnership agreements and MoUs with several entrepreneurship institutions and organized meetings and events.

Our first year of this mandate was marked by the organization of the « Digital Disruption and the Changing Workforce » conference, the organization of two seminars on employability and the Startup Act, as well as the launch of both Mentoring and Ambassador Programs.

In order to ensure a better communication and interaction with you, the association website will not only allow you to keep up with the ongoing and day to day activities, but will also be your social network: a platform where you can share opportunities, discuss constructive ideas and connect with all other members of the SMU Alumni network.

We believe that from thereupon, we are ready and well equipped to expand our target objectives and effectively enable the SMU Alumni Association to be a major player, not only on the SMU campus, but also in the professional and academic sectors with the aim to upgrade and elevate learning processes and continuous training.

Our community is growing and diversifying ( MSB-EMBA, Undergraduate, Master and Medtech Engineering). We truly believe that this diversity will allow us in the long term to become a major actor in Tunisia’s higher education ecosystem.

All of this is possible because of you and your active involvement.

It’s for that reason that we invite you to renew your membership for 2019 today. Or to join us if you haven’t yet, to benefit from the advantages that come with being a member of our community and Access to My Alumni.

You can renew your membership via the website : Online subscription

Or contact us through SMU Alumni Association Office: