Alumni Ambassador Program

The Alumni Ambassador Program aims to expand and promote the SMU Alumni Association network abroad through engaged ambassadors. The ambassador’s role will not be limited to the representation of the association but extent to the coordination SMU Alumni Association in their activities, develop and maintain the alumni community that is present in their city/region.

The Alumni Ambassador Program a key initiative for the SMU Alumni Association, in order to reconnect and gather the SMU alumni community living abroad in a first step through different activities, then expand the association’s network and partnership as a second step.

The Alumni Ambassador Program will be under the supervision of the international relations committee which will work in coordination with the board of directors.

Ambassador duties and key responsabilities :

  • Represents and advocate on behalf of the Alumni association in their city/region;
  • Attend and represent the association in events and workshop that could have a development possibilities for the association in their city/region;
  • Identify & develop partnership opportunities with universities & similar associations in their city/region ;
  • Acts as a focal point for the Association to assist the alumni members in their city/region.
  • Develop periodic actions plans in coordination with the international relation committee.
  • Initiate and/or maintain the SMU alumni network in in their city/region; organizing events in coordination with the international relations committee.
  • Develop & maintain an accurate database on the alumni information living in their city/region ;
  • Draft periodic report to the international relations committee about their activities and possible business development and partnership opportunities in their city/region ;
  • Notify the Association of possible recruitment/ career opportunities in the country where they live, such as students or Alumni with whom they’ve come into contact and/or advertising opportunities
  • Assist SMU (University) activities and attend all university participation in university fair and/or career fair and act as facilitator, assist in university new partnership agreements.


  • Be an Alumni of SMU university (graduated)
  • Be resident in the city/region that you wish to be an Alumni Ambassador
  • Represent SMU Alumni Association in a positive and honest light
  • Commit to a one-year term as an Alumni Ambassador. Additional commitment will be renewed based upon performance/evaluation.
  • You are enthusiastic, show initiative and have excellent social and communication skills.
  • You are willing to carry out some volunteer tasks for the Association
  • Be willing to receive emails from Alumni to request support, assistance and/or information.
  • Be a contact person for prospective students in your country, guide applicants and/or prepare students from SMU/MSB/Medtech who have recently been admitted for educational programs in your region, for their time here.
  • Be enthusiastic, confident and enjoy working with others as part of a team or independently.
  • Desire to network and gain valuable contacts.
  • Understand the importance of playing an active role in the SMU community both as a student and as an alumnus.


  • Stay connected with alumni association, faculty, and staff;
  • Expand your network with other alumni and business contacts that may benefit your (international) career
  • Gain practical experience, learn mentoring skills and develop interpersonal skills.
  • Enhance resume through professional development opportunities (e.g., guest speaking, mentoring, and networking);
  • Receive a certificate of appreciation upon completion of each year of commitment as well as a business card
  • Be a source of inspiration!

Code of conduct for International alumni volunteers

In carrying out their role, SMU Alumni Ambassadors are asked to observe this code of conduct.It is the responsibility of each volunteer to:

  • Work considerately and respectfully with all those they come into contact with through the SMU Community
  • Respect diversity, different roles and boundaries and avoid giving offence.
  • Declare any instance of a conflict between their personal interests and that of SMU/MSB Business School
  • Take accountability for their actions as an Alumni Ambassador volunteer.
  • Avoid bringing the University/School into disrepute.

For more information on this program please contact office of Alumni association