Take advantage of your membership

Be a part of a the SMU Alumni family. In this family we take care of each other. Being a member gives you access to a variety of perks and discounts that you don’t want to miss out on!
Online subscription: It’s yearly subscription gives you access to a world of benefits and connections. ( Click here to subscribe )
My Alumni Card: Your card gives you access to the University Campus and to the variety of events and benefits on and off Campus.

You also benefit from these offers:

  • Restaurants: Sushiwan (10%); Le Cercle Restaurant, Big Apple (10% all day except 12-2 PM only on “to go” orders)
  • Health & Gym: California Gym(20%), Slim fit(25%)
  • Hospitality: La Badira Hotel (10%), Le Sultan Hotel (20%)
  • Mobile Technology and Home Appliences: Evertek (15%), Evertek Home (20%)
  • Leisure and Fashion: Latrach Optics (30% on cash and 20% on credit card purchases).
  • Education: LCI English & Communication Training programs, Free spots in EMBA courses, and discounts on SMU programs.
  • Communication: Orange Tunisia Click here for details

Terms and conditions:

1. Only ex-Higher Education Students who are on the Alumni database can apply for an Alumni Card.

2. Only one card is allowed per person.

3. Graduates cannot apply for cards on behalf of other graduates.

4. An Alumni Card will only be issued digitally  when the Alumni Office has approved the application and the 70 DT  annual fee has been paid.

6. An Alumni Card remains the property of SMU Alumni Association and can be withdrawn at any time.

10. Lending your card to another person in order for them to gain benefits and services on offer or to gain access to the events will result in the card being cancelled and the card holder’s membership terminated.


11. Any special discounts listed offered by external companies are subject to availability and their own terms and conditions of use.

12. Information on benefits and services is correct at the time of going to print and the College cannot be held liable for any change or withdrawal of the benefit and services provided by external companies.

13. The benefits and services available with an Alumni Card will change from time to time, please check the website for details on up to date offers.


14. The Alumni Card gives access to the Level 2 members University’s Library for reference use only.